New Zealand

Visiting Taipei and getting to New Zealand

We had a long flight to Auckland after 12 hours in the plane we had a stopover in Taipei, Taiwan for a whole day. We haven’t had that much sleep on the first flight so we were really tired during our stay in Taipei. Still we got to see something on a half day free tour organized by the tourism information. The tour stopped at several sights outside the city center and brought us back to the airport at noon. Somehow it was easier to sleep in the bus while the tour guide was talking rather than in the airplane. When we were back at the airport we still had about 10 hours left until our next flight would have left. Enough time to discover the city center by ourselves. Unfortunately it was quite rainy and really cloudy so the planed stay on Taipei 101 wasn’t worth it.

We headed back to the airport and slept a few hours at the gate until the flight was boarding. Our flight to Auckland had a small stop in Brisbane where everybody had to leave the airplane. We got another security check and now we know that it is not allowed to have nail scissor in the carry-on luggage at least not in Australia. Maybe they are more dangerous here than else where? We had no good explanation for it…

Another 3 hours later we arrived in Auckland. After the immigration we got a little bit stucked at the customs, because they wanted to see all of our shoes and both tents we have brought to New Zealand. They took us the tents and cleaned them for us. They look quite new now ☺️.

We took the bus to our hostel which is in the city center. Now we need to get rid of our extra luggage and head to Bluff for the start of the Te Araroa Trail.