Te Araroa

10.2 Reaching Bald Hill 805m

It has been the second day in the Longwoodforest. But the landscape did change much more compared to yesterday. The trail gained a lot of altitude and we have passed several clearances to enjoy the sun and to dry our tent.

In the morning we have passed the Martin’s hut where we actually wanted to be yesterday. The hut seemed not to be one of the prettier huts. In the hut was a smoky smell and it was really dark.

A french couple we’ve met at Colac Bay warned us and told us that the second day after Martin’s hut there will be much more mud. And he was right. Some parts of the trail were difficult to pass since there was so much mud. Some were not easy to cross because a whole trekking pole in full-length got in those mud wholes. We tried to stay but the best shoes are not completely waterproof.

In the end today was another tough hiking day. We started hiking at about 10.30am and finished here at Bald Hill at about 8.45pm with an our break for lunch and drying the tent.

We pitched our tent some meters below of Bald Hill because there is big transmission tower on top of it. It is an amazing view from up here. Unfortunately there is no water so we filtered some water from before and carried it to the top. During cooking dinner we realized that a few people are camping just one curve further uphill on the road. It is the danish girl with two other TA hikers also going NOBO (North Bound).

We’ve met a swiss guy on the trail today. He mentioned that there is a campground at Otautau for 10$ and the washing machine is for free use. We probably gonna check this out tomorrow. Not only because our socks smells like hell. Also because we calculated quite bad with the food and it seems better to resupply in Otautau then in Ohai what we planned first.