Te Araroa

6.2 Oreti Beach

Yesterday night we supplied for the next 2 days with food. On our way back we saw a macpac store in the city center with a big poster in it:

-40% End of summer sale

Because today is public holiday we double checked the openings hours. And it was open from 10am on.

The morning

After the night in the hostel and a breakfast we headed to the store.

In fact it was a really good decision to go there. Yesterday had been a rough start but it was great to test our equipment we brought. I wasn’t hesitating long until I found some really light and quite cheap rain trousers. Additionally, I bought some lightweight gloves and a new Merinowool t-shirt. Lisa did bring good rain trousers from home but after hours of rain her jacket just did not work that good anymore. After a long and thoughtful time she bought a new rain jacket.

Heading back to the trail

On our way out of the city center back to the trail we ran into John and Sharon by accident. It was quite funny to see them again since we didn’t expected that. A small nice talk later we were on the trail again going to Oreti Beach. The trail is for the next 2 hours on directly beside the roadside. At nearly the whole time the road is straight forward. It was really boring to walk there.

Just straight.

Still straight on…

Did you have enough? We definitly!

I think my feet hurt somehow faster than usual.

Reaching Oreti Beach trail

When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised that it was possible to drive on the beach.

Because we started so late the tide was already rising. Today it was planned to cross our first river: The Waimatuku stream. But the river is still 10km far and the tide would probably be too high to cross it safely. So we decided to pitch our tent just before the river in the dunes. It wasn’t that easy to find a good place for the tent. In the dunes are many trails but they are mostly used by off-road motorcycles. The wind blew sand everywhere. But we finally found a place which is kind of an oasis: Green grass and a lake in the middle.

Due to the wind we cooked inside the tent and also enjoyed the meal from inside. Beside the wind the weather was alright today. There was just a little rain and it was mostly cloudy.

The tide is now low again but it is already dark. Tomorrow we probably have a late start again because the tide is low around noon.