Te Araroa

9.2 Into the Woods

Hiking day no. 5

After a good night of sleep at Colac Bay campground, we started packing everything and had our breakfast in the campground’s kitchen. We met five TA hikers at the campground, one heading north as well and the others were soon to finish their through hike in Bluff. The girl heading north left one hour before us since we still had to check our mails to organize some stuff back in Germany. And finally we hit the trail as well!

Today’s walk started quite boring along a road for about one hour until the trail led us into the woods 🙂 The forest seemed to have quite old trees and we thought it looks quite unique. I thought it looks a little spooky too since it appeared quite dark.

The trail was difficult to walk on as a lot of little creeks had destroyed the trail partly. After about five hours of walking we had lunch and got quite tiered of hiking in this dark forest and were looking forward to reach Martins Hut. At this point, we didn’t know yet that it would take us another six hours to reach a wider trail on which we could camp. Very exhausted from the long hiking day, we decided to pitch our tent at the intersection of the TA trail and cascade road and leave Martins Hut for the next day.