Te Araroa

11.2 Half day off at Otautau

We have started quite early in the morning (at least for us ?). It was 9.10am when we were hiking on the trail. The english couple and the danish girl already left before. But we have met Selma (the danish girl) one hour later in the forest filtering water at a stream. We joined her walking as some kilometers later the trail got to a bigger road. The forest and the vegetation changed and at some point there were only eucalyptus trees left.

Later on when it started raining we have met the english couple, we continued as a little convoy. When we got to the road, the english couple stayed up there at the Meriviewhut. But we wanted to go to Otautau therefore we needed a ride and tried to hitchhike. One minute later the second car had place for all three of us.

So we could enjoy the afternoon at Otautau buying food for the next five days and enjoy a burger in town. The campground here at Holt park is only 10$ per person. And it is really nice to have a warm shower again. We could wash our clothes for free but unfortunately the dryer did not work. We are hoping for some more sun in the morning.

It is one week ago since we started our hike in Bluff. We are feeling quite good and beside my knee everything is in a good shape. Even though we are not carrying much stuff with us we still think that we have items we don’t need for sure. So our baseweight of the backpacks is about 9kg.