Te Araroa

14.2 First 1000m peak

10th hiking day

Starting very early today – 7.20am – we continued hiking through Mount Linton station farmlands.

We experienced our first river crossing today! Nothing spectacular but definitely enough cold water to wake me up ?

The trail followed some small country roads with some up and down hill walks. When the trail went down to another valley, we needed to cross one more river. We took our shoes off and walked across quite without any difficulties.

We passed a backcountry campsite and then started to hike up our first 1000m peak ? It was easy to summit and we enjoyed the view at the top!

The path then entered a forest and after another approximately 2 hours we finally reached the Lower Wairiki Hut at about 8pm. Selma was already there and we were having dinner in front of the hut. We didn’t stay inside the hut but pitched our tent as there were only 4 beds in the hut and 3 were already taken ⛺.