Te Araroa

7.2 Beach, beach, beach as long as you can see

We started the day really late because the tide was getting lower at about 11am. We imagined that the stream we needed to cross would be a little bit stronger but still it is better to have precaution.

After the stream crossing,there were another 13km of beach left. That did not seemed to end. A few rain showers were a good approval for the new stuff we bought in Invercargill.

We finally got to Riverton. When we arrived we checked the trail notes and maps to see what the next days gonna be look like. Especially when there will be the next supermarket to resupply with food. Until now we are not completely sure, but we hope that we find some food at Birchwood. So we bought spaghetti, porridge, cereal bars and some other things for the next 5-6 days. After we came out of the super market it was the first time that we felt like it was summer: For repacking the food we actually searched a shadow place. (It was more me searching but Lisa was fine with it).

We headed to Mores reservoir, and after that point Tihaka beach track started. In the trail notes it should be clearly signposted but it is not. This was the first time we really searched for a way. So the track is signposted but after a few meters the track separates again, so just to write it somewhere down: Follow the right trail signed as Mores coastal loop track, after crossing a fence follow the right trail. This trail is going down to the beach. In the beginning the trail is in wonderful forest which the sun lighted from just above the ocean.

We pitched our tent at the beach, it was already quite late but we still got the last sunrays while cooking some rice.