New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park

We spent our second day off in the Abel Tasman National Park. A lot of people have told us about Abel Tasman and its pretty sandy beaches. And to see it with own eyes was even better!

The hike into Abel Tasman National park belongs to the great walks. It follows the coastline for about 4 days, striving the most amazing beaches. We followed this trail this day for a few hours.

Amazing beaches

When we arrived in the national park, it was low tide. Low tide here doesn’t mean that the water is gone completely, nevertheless, the water level was significantly lower. Timo climbed a big boulder that was later completely surrounded by water. The views during this hike were fantastic. Everywhere were nice sandy beaches. We either hiked along the beaches or followed the great walk in the forest.

Timo climbed on a big boulder
Lunch with selfmade apple cake
Yummy 🙂

Our next stop was Split Apple Rock. This is a huge boulder that is divided in the middle and therefore looks like a split apple. We saw a lot of people with kayaks and canoes. This had to be the absolute paradise for paddling! Especially in the summer months when it would be possible to jump into the water. Today, it was definitely to cold to swim!

Split Apple Rock

Afterwards we did some more “hiking by car”. How does that work? Quite simple, you drive around with your car and just stop wherever you like 😉. So we cruised around the coast and stopped at a few viewpoints.

Beautiful stops along the way

These two days off were amazing and we really enjoyed having a car and go wherever we wanted. This was a great taste of freedom 😊.

The ending of a great day!