Te Araroa

9.3 Rain, ridge and river

We expected the night to be much colder. At one point in the night I needed to get rid of my down jacket because it was so warm.

Without even looking outside it was clear that it’s going to be a cloudy day. We started early at about 9 because we wanted to have lunch in the Tin Hut. The Tin Hut is at the road junction where our trail meets the TA.

Sadly there was no view at all.

It started drizzling just after we packed everything together. It wasn’t much but it was constant. After half an hour I could feel how my rain jacket gave up. Again! I need a new one! The shoulders, the right arm (the wind came from the right) and parts of the back and front are getting wet.

It was a really easy track. Yesterday and also today we saw lots of footprints from horses. If a horse can get up here the track is not too difficult. Additionally there was no view so we were hiking fast. Always with the thought of a lunch in a dry place we were descending slowly on the ridge. The drizzle stopped and we had a little view as we came out of the clouds.

We had lunch at the Tin Hut. When we were nearly finished Selma showed up. She stayed on the TA. We both continued. When we tightened our shoes hunters stopped with a 4WD. The had a new weather forecast: It should stay dry the next days. Not too good not too bad.

We decided to walk further on to the next Ahuriri river and see if we can cross it. If not we just camp there and try it tomorrow.

We heart from a couple of SOBOs that there is an island and it is easier to cross over the island. When we got to the river we could easily inspect all possibilities from the birds view.

We crossed the river over the small island. Nevertheless the water was quite deep and Lisa’s butt got a little wet. The second part after the island was quite easy to cross.

We went a few kilometers further on the trail until we found a good place to pitch up the tents. It was a small spot just next to a creek. In the tent it sounded like the feets would get wet.