Te Araroa

8.3. Climbing Mt. Prospect

A cold morning, shoes were still wet, socks soaking… Nevertheless, we packed our backpacks and hiked on!

When we were finally getting some sun, we took a small break. At lunch time, we stopped to dry the tent and to have a little snack. The trail split just about 15min before we would have reached the Top Timaru Hut towards Mt. Prospect. We thought it would be a great detour and we hoped for a nice view at the top!

It was a 4×4 track, so hiking it up was very easy. It was hot to walk in the sun without any shade.

We dropped our backpacks just a few meters below the summit and went up the last stretch without them. It felt so good not to carry a backpack! We both thought we would walk kinda funny as we are so used to carry a backpack all the times ?

The summit was great! The view was just perfect! We could see a lot of mountains and glaciers. We looked some mountain names up on our map. We both thought that Mount Aspiring was the prettiest mountain that we have seen so far in New Zealand. It had a perfect shape and we wondered how hard it would be to climb it?

Descending, we were already spotting some good camping spots. We grabbed our backpacks and continued the Melina ridge track. There was another little peak without a name and we thought that this is the perfect place to pitch up our tent! The view was amazing and it somehow feels good to sleep at the top of a hill ?

And the stars at night were unbelievable bright!