Te Araroa

7.4 Waiau pass

Today was supposed to be long day. We climbed 1000m up to the Waiau pass with spectacular views. On the way up, we experienced some real rock climbing.

We woke up at seven and left at eight. Everything seemed so planned today,  hikers routine kicked in!

Leaving cute little Waiau hut

We had a good walking pace and it was much warmer than the morning before.

The blue sky in the distance gave us hope

Finally the clouds made space for the sun. At that time we were already ascending to Waiau pass which is located 1000m above the hut we slept in.

Lisa climbing up the trail

It was a nice walk up the pass. We needed our hands, because there were parts that one really needed to climb. At the most challenging point an older Sobo couple ran into us. We helped them with finding the way and I carried her backpack on the hardest bit. We reached the top at 3pm.

Lisa at the top

We made it! It is not the highest point on the TA, but it had a great trail leading up there and the view was stunning from the pass.

From the pass we still needed to go down for more than 500m. The trail followed through long parts of scree. After all that uphill from the morning,  I sometimes was pissed off from the downhill. When we nearly where at the bottom I set down to make a break and smashed my backpack to the side. It started to role. In the first second I didn’t care about it and in the second second it was already too late. It started to role and role, faster and faster. I could only watch it going down without me. Luckily it stopped in front of a bigger rock. Immediately I started to run after  it. When I got there I checked everything, and besides some cuts, it looked really good. Puh, that could have gone so much worse! When I looked up the trail, Lisa was still at the point where I meant to have a small break, it was about 100m up the trail.

When we reached the bottom of the valley, it was a nice to walk around of Lake Constance and we could see all the mountain tops in the red sunlight.

Last rays of sunshine

We still needed to go further down to the Blue Lake. When we arrived at the hut it was nearly dark.

The hut was quite empty even though it was weekend. Three other hikers stayed at the hut and for a change none of them was a TA hiker.