Te Araroa

6.3. Rainy Day ☔

Starting from our pretty camping spot in the morning, we started to walk towards the Pakituhi Hut. It rained quite a lot…. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the walk along the mountain ridge!

When we arrived at the hut, we had some lunch and enjoyed reading the Antics book. Antics is a tramping club at the University in Dunedin and a book of their club with a lot of great hiking stories was given to us by a student in another hut about 2 weeks ago. And yay, I am still carrying the book! He told me I could just leave it in any hut but I like the stories and somehow there is never enough time for reading on the trail ? Also, we had a look at the printed trail notes. Thanks again to Denis who gave them to us ?

Selma got to the hut about one hour later. A few other hikers arrived as well. We had a few good chats. I enjoyed the Japanese couple, they were really cute! When Timo told them that it is cool that they have very light backpacks, the Japanese man replied: “Do you expect me little Japanese man to carry such a large backpack?” He said this in such a nice and cute way, it really made our day!

We continued hiking after a long lunch break. Since it was still very rainy outside and there was no sight at all, we decided to skip Breast Hill and went on the 4×4 track that is supposed to be about one hour shorter to the next hut.

We arrived at Stoudy’s Hut at about 6pm. This one was really a rat shack! Perfect as a shelter but we preferred to sleep in our tent ⛺ Selma already pitched hers and we did so as well. At night I thought I heard some rats fighting… I don’t know for sure but it really sounded like it ?