Te Araroa

5.4 St James Walkway

It was a good night in the shelter. When we woke up it was still cloudy but not that wet like before.

Our goal for the day is 8hr and 20min away

We started our hike at around 8.30am. It was an easy tramping track. But still we weren’t really faster than the times in the DOC signs. At noon we reached the Cannibal Gorge Hut and had lunch there. During the lunch break the weather turned so we could enjoy cheese tortilla with some sun rays.

After lunch we continued to the Ada Hut. There was no one around either.

Going further from Ada Hut

We weren’t sure if we could make the whole way to the next hut (Christopher Hut) or if we should better stay here. We decided to carry on and hoped we would still make it in daylight.

The trail was easy and so we arrived at the hut before the sun went down. Just in time ?. The days get shorter and on those days it is a race against the clock to arrive in daylight at the destination.

Again there was no one else in the hut. We had to light a fire because it was getting cold in this big and empty hut.

Lighting the fire ?