Te Araroa

5.3 A lazy and sunny day

Today we wanted to hike from the campsite to the Pakituhi Hut. We were quite slow in the morning: Enjoyed some Nutella breads, one last shower, packing bags, using free WiFi… We left the campsite at 11.30am but we didn’t get far: a few hundred metres down the street there is a nice small store selling ice cream. We saw Selma sitting there. Of course we also bought ice cream and joined her. The sun was so intense that no one of us wanted to start walking. It was 1pm when we left the store.

It was hard for all three of us to walk. The backpacks were much heavier than they used to be. In addition it was so hot. I could feel how my heart was pumping blood in my hands but it didn’t get out again. So I started waving at things.

Because it was so late we thought about pitching up the tents just at the lake and relax the rest of the day like we did for the first half of the day. Selma even thought about going back to the campsite. This is what she actually did. We went a bit further to the point where the trail goes up in the mountain to the hut. (950m to climb).

Instead of going up we decided to have a swim in the lake and enjoy the sun.

At around 6pm we decided to start the climb to the hut. It was a brilliant walk up to the ridge.

Just before the sunset we pitched our tent on the ridge. It’s a small place but it has a stunning view over the complete Lake Hawea!

It felt so lazy today but we just had look on the map we actually did 9k and also ascended 450m.