Te Araroa

3.4 Back to the Backcountry

We enjoyed to be in town and this time we weren’t so happy to be back on the trail. There was so much more we could do. Apply for more jobs, think about the car we’ll buy after the trail.

We stayed quite long at the Holiday Park. We met a Scottish NOBO couple and had a nice chat with them.

Later on we went to town. There we had some smoothies and pancakes in a cafe.

Yummy pancakes ?

We found a nice alpine variant to get to the TA. Instead of starting at Boyle Village we want to hitch further and hike up to Mt Travers. From this peak we want to follow the ridgeline until we will reach the TA.

We bought some things we forgot from the supermarket and then tried to hitch to the trail. We had a nice ride with Boris from Belgium, who gave us some tips about buying a car in New Zealand. He also told us that he once was stopped by the police because he drove to slow. He said he drove as fast as he was allowed to but apparently the car behind him wanted to speed and pass him. So he called the police on him.

When we arrived at the car park it was quite late so we decided to walk some meters on the trail and then we pitched the tent.

Making delicious dinner