Te Araroa

3.3 Back to civilization

We had a hard night in the hut. Each of the 3 other people in the hut we snoring that night. At some point all three were snoring. Even I was awake for several times! I still felt lucky about being in the hut because it rained a lot in the night!

I don’t know why but it seems that we are extremely lucky with the weather. We mostly get the rain in the nights. Just the very first trail day and on Lisa’s birthday it was raining during daylight hours.

The next morning Lisa didn’t wanted to stand up because she was annoyed of the others. So we spent some more time in the bed and wrote some blog articles. When we cleaned the hut at around 11am a few hikers already passed the hut coming from below. We hit the trail down to the car park.

When we got into the silver beech forest the roots were still really slippery. We couldn’t recognize a big difference between this silver beech forest to all the other beech forest we came across. Just the leaves seemed a bit more silvery.

In the end of the forest the trail got much more easy.

We met a trail runner going up just an hour and a a half after the Fern Burn Hut, he passed us again at one stile over fence just before the car park. He scared us because he did not say a word and he almost pushed Lisa from the stile.

At the carpark he still was at his car and it turned out that he was a real nice guy because he offered is a ride to Wanaka. He dropped us directly at the supermarket. So we could buy some stuff. The Holiday Park we stayed in wasn’t far from there.

After pitching up the tent we went back to the supermarket to resupply for the next section. We decided to buy food for eight days. We never bought so much food in advance. I think neither we did back home.

After the resupply we went to town all the shops were closed but we still got a pizza for takeaway which we ate in front of the lake. There were some clouds at the sky but we could see the Crux for the first time (or we realized it for the first time).