Te Araroa

29.3 Short walk further into the valley

Sewing shoes and some river crossings. We took it easy today.

We had breakfast after a peaceful night in the Kiwi Hut. There was no mouse, at least we didn’t hear one. I sewed my socks. Because all the stuff for sewing was already out of the backpack, I started to sew the holes in my shoes. In the end it looked really good!

Sewing my shoes

It was late, two others came in and had some lunch there. They said I could sell my shoes on eBay now ?. When they left again, we were ready to start our day! They came from the Locke Stream Hut and one told us a mouse got to his hanged food! It crawled down the rope. He now wants to buy a thinner one.

We continued to walk further into the valley. The weather turned out to be nice and sunny. Sometimes it was difficult to find the track and sometimes it was clearly marked.

Clearly marked track ?

And we walked up to the Locke Stream Hut. We had a late lunch there.

Late lunch at Locke Stream Hut

A weta said hello. We are not sure if it was a weta. But a SOBO, who was at the hut told us that it should be one. At first we thought it might be a kiwi.

A weta(?) quite close and curious

We continued to hike because we felt so lazy if we just stayed there. After a short time we met a kiwi, he told us that there aren’t good places to camp anymore. We shall grab any piece of flat grass we come across.

We walked for another hour to a swingbridge. Just after it, we pitched our tent. While cooking pasta we had some company. A bird was around our tent the whole time. We gave him some of our oats.

The bird before we gave him the oats
The bird after we gave him the oats ?

Trust me: It’s the same bird. But we gave him only a few oats.

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