Te Araroa

28.2. Meeting a lot of TA Hikers!

We had our breakfast inside the tent with about 1000 sandflies starring at us!

We were really glad to leave Sandfly-Macetown. We read a sign saying that it is supposed to be easier to just follow the river in the valley instead of following the actual TA trail. It was a really sunny day so we went for the river walk!

At first it was really fun and refreshing to walk in and along the river but after a little while it got more difficult since the river was quite deep at some spots and we had to do a lot of bush crawling to get around. Therefore, we decided to switch back to walk on the TA trail.

We met a really nice TA hiker named James when we just got back to the TA. He hiked the rest of the day together with us. The highest point at today’s hike was the Rose’s sattle at 1270m. From now on, we just had to go downhill, yay!

Reaching Roses Hut, we were very happy to see that there were almost no sandflies. But there were a lot of people! We slept in our tent as the hut was already full when we got there. Also, I thought that it is probably nicer to slept in a tent since the hut was so busy and the chances of snoring people quite high ?