Te Araroa

27.3 Heavy rainfalls at Arthur’s pass!

It rained a lot today. It was so bad that no one wanted to give us a ride to Arthur’s Pass. We were standing for two hours on the roadside trying to hitchhike.

We were prepared for standing quite a while at the road. So we put on everything we had. Luckily the wind was blowing from behind so our faces stayed dry. Sometimes the wind was so strong it nearly blew us away! ?

After nearly two hours a car stopped because a girl (we met her yesterday at the West Harper Hut) wanted to get back to the carpark. It was a nice guy from India who also gave us a ride.

He dropped us at the train station of Arthur’s Pass. The wind was even worse up here. We went in the DOC visitor center. It was nice to stay there some time as there was neither rain nor wind. Finally we had phone reception, so we could check the available accommodations around. The room we saw yesterday back on the trail wasn’t available anymore. So we thought about booking a valuable room in Otira, but we didn’t want to wait another two hours for a hitchhike.

Luckily we saw Brendon in the Visitor Center, we had a nice chat with him. In the end he offered us to bring us to Otira. We have Brendon at the Hamilton Hut two days back.

During the drive down to Otira, we saw massive waterfalls everywhere. That was amazing!

The biggest waterfall we could see on the ride

We couldn’t enjoy the beautiful scenery anymore because after a slow truck allowed us to overtake, we soon had to stop. The left front tire made weird sounds and it jerked at one point. It looked like the tire melted. No one of us could explain it. We had a closer look at it and realized that it is not the tire. It was something on it or more precised: something around it.

Weird stuff on the tyre

We believed it was some kind of repair paste for the asphalt. Probably the slow truck was loosing little parts of it. We tried to remove it, but as soon as it got colder it was hard to remove. We drove a little bit and than stopped again, so the stuff stayed hot, because it was much easier to remove it while it was hot. We passed a lot of others cars with the same issue. Some tried to change their tyre, for each car it seemed that the front left one is the worst.

We tried our best to remove it

When we arrived in Otira, Brendon dropped us off and headed back to Arthur’s pass. Thanks to Brendon who gave us a ride! We both felt sorry for what happened to his tires. Luckily he took it easy and said that these stories are those to remember.

We were complete wet when we arrived at the Hotel in Otira. They had the fire going so we could dry our shoes near the fire.

Hopefully nobody caught the smell…

There was not too much to do, we just enjoyed to be under a roof. In the night we watched a movie and discovered a giant massage chair. We took terms while watching the movie.

Lisa relaxing in the massage chair