Te Araroa

27.2 Heaps of sandflies

After waking up we put the tent down and premixed the porridge for the next days. 1,5 cups of rolled oats, two big spoons of brown sugar and some cranberries and a part of another berry muesli. We knew that it would be a short section so we took our time for everything we did today. Considering the trailnotes it should take about 4 hours to get to Macetown. But it took us about 6 hours. After reaching the Big Hill saddle the trail went down to a big stream where also a 4WD road was.

On the road we had to cross the same river for several times. Sometimes it was quite deep.

Atleast for us. We have heard from other TA Hikers going south that they had river crossings with water up to thehest. We followed the road which ended in Macetown. Macetown used to be a town for miners digging for gold and other minerals.

Nowadays there is no one living there beside of sandflies! We cooked some pasta outside of the tent but decided to eat it inside because there just to many of them. Later on we cooked a soup inside the tent because there were just too many of them.

We put the cooker on the “45 years of Antics” book that Sam gave us in the Aparima Hut. Later on we read some stories in the book and went to sleep.