Te Araroa

26.3. Sweet Mouse

Leaving Hamilton Hut and hiking towards Bealy Hut, we walked through a beautiful valley. A sweet mouse kept us company in the hut ?

We left Hamilton Hut at about 10am. Going over the wire bridge, there was a sign saying “Mirror Tarns” 20min including return time. We had no clue what that could be and thought it might be worth the detour. We ended up at some swamps that looked nice and it was a little loop trail around them. We came back to the point where we left our bags and continued on the actual trail.

Beautiful reflection in the “Mirror Tarns”

The trail was in a really good condition. The valley we were hiking in got more narrow with time and also more interesting. We saw some cool rock formations and took some pictures of little waterfalls.

Walking in the river bed besides cool rock formations and small waterfalls

Reaching Lagoon Saddle, we had a perfect view to all sides. Going downhill from now on was easy besides the muddy spots. We reached Bealy Hut at about 6pm.

Great view from the Lagoon Saddle
Watch out for the muddy spots!

We couldn’t believe that we were the only ones staying at Bealy Hut as it is only 10min from a car park. Soon we figured out that we weren’t the only ones staying at the hut after all… A cute mouse somehow jumped on the table! I kept on watching it at night and it seemed like it managed to get anywhere in the hut. It was really tiny and we both believed mice can fly at night! ? ✈ ?

Preparing a meal for the mice in Bealy Hut ?