Te Araroa

26.2. Queenstown -> Arrowtown

After a very rainy day + night, it followed a pretty day with a lot of sunshine ☀

We slept in, did some laundry in the morning and enjoyed the sun while having breakfast. Then we left the campground and went to Queenstown. We tried another burger place ? Devil’s Burger were also quite nice and I think they could really keep up with the famous Fergburgers plus you don’t need to stand in line ??

We eat our burgers at the lake in the sun. It was just perfect! We had some ice cream as dessert ?Very yummy? We also had a perfect view when the famous steamboat of Queenstown came into the harbour.

In the afternoon we went to the supermarket and bought some stuff for the trail. We planned to carry food for about 5 days but we thought we would probably to the next section to Wanaka in about 4 days. We really bought a lot of food! Also some really luxury items as chocolate and wine gums ?

As the next stretch of the TA continued along a road to Arrowtown and since it was already 6pm we decided that we just try to hitchhike it. Standing at the road, we thought that there are probably not as many cars going to Arrowtown at this time of the day. We still had a bus cart for the Queenstown bus that we bought when we arrived at the airport in Queenstown about three weeks ago. Since there was still money on this bus cart we just used it to get to Arrowtown.

When we arrived in Arrowtown at about 7.30pm, all shops were already closed but we still enjoyed our walk through this old mining town.

Back on the TA, we hiked for about one hour and then pitched our tent just a little off the trail.

It was a clear night and we could see a lot of stars.