Te Araroa

25.3 Day off at Hamilton Hut

It rained quite a lot last night. Because of the footprint we put under the tent, the inner tent stayed quite dry. The rain didn’t stop until now. So we had our breakfast inside the tent and waited for the rain to stop.

It stopped raining at about 11am. We put on our wet clothes from yesterday. It was terrible! The sun came out. And it wasn’t far to the Hamilton Hut where we wanted to go yesterday night. We arrived at the Hut around noon. The plan was to go further but we wanted to have a look how the hut is going to look like. There was a Dutch couple having a day off and they asked us if we want to stay, so we changed our plans and just stayed there too. We believed that it would probably rain again and then it would be nice to be in a hut.

Hamilton Hut from inside

The Hamilton Hut is a 20 bunk serviced hut, it’s not as new as the the serviced huts we’ve been in so far but it was also really nice! We played some Yahtzee and trained ourselves in not to eat all the sweets we are carrying. The weather was fine the whole time. Why are we staying in the hut? We don’t know. It’s nice to relax a day but we haven’t done anything today and yesterday wasn’t the best day but also not too hard that we can’t do anything at all today.

Enjoying the sun on the porch

From time to time the hut was getting fuller. In the end we were 12 people staying in the hut. We have talked to a couple that did the Goat Pass over the Deception River. All the others have skipped that part with the excuse it’s to hard, but so far we haven’t met anyone who actually did it. They told us not to do it. The Deception River can flood quite easily and they told us that the water level was way over the hips when they were doing it. We are thinking about to skip this part and sit out the upcoming rain on Tuesday in Arthur’s Pass.