Te Araroa

24.2. Route Burn Track

We took a day off from hiking the TA today! Instead, we started to hike the Route Burn Track at 5am ?. As this trail is one of the Great Walks in New Zealand, bookings for all huts along the trail are required. Since we didn’t do that, we planned to do the whole 32km track in one day….

It was definitely worth the effort! We hiked about 2 hours in the dark and the sun came up when we just reached the first waterfalls. Having a second breakfast there was great! ? tastes even better on the trail ?

Lake McKenzie looked really pretty and the great walk hut with the same name just next to it seemed to be really huge. Very different from standard huts along the TA trail! Very fancy and even bigger was the lodge for guided hikes right next to the Lake McKenzie Hut. This one really looked like a hotel for the rich ones.

The Route Burn Track gained in altitude by following the mountain range of lake McKenzie. At the very top the view was amazing!

Going from there, the trail followed another mountain range and we finally reached the sattle. We cooked some oats for lunch at the sattle and had a nice chat with another hiker.

From now on, the trail was going downwards. It didn’t take long until we reached the Lower Route Burn Hut. We took a small break there and then continued to the parking lot which we reached at about 5pm. Pretty long but awesome day ?

We were really lucky that we didn’t have to wait long for a ride to Glenorcy. About the 3rd car picked us up and dropped us off about 20min later right in front of the campground in Glenorcy.

We pitched our tent and were happy to get a shower ?. Looking more civilized, we went out for dinner…. But unfortunately the only affordable looking restaurant in this small town was so busy that it would have taken over one hour just to order food ?. It was so sad to see the full pizza plates of other people in the restaurant… We went back to the campground and cooked our own food that Timo bought at a very tiny grocery store. We had some noodles with tomato sauce. I have no clue why but somehow the tomato sauce at sugar syrup in it! It was listed as the first thing on the ingredients list that of course noone of us checked before… This was the nastiest tomato sauce that I ever tasted ??. Too bad, after such a long day of hiking we were really looking forward to some nice supper ?