Te Araroa

23.2 Off trail

It would have been only 3 to 4 hours to the carpark from where we could get a hitch to Queenstown. But we still have food for another two days so we decided to go off trail to do the “Route Burn” one of the Great Walks in New Zealand. We walked the greenstone valley up to reach the Howden campsite just 20 minutes away from Howden Hut.

We would have liked to stay in this hut but the hut is already a part of the Great Walk and needs a booking in advance. It’s the same thing for the next huts on the Route Burn. That’s why we have to do the whole thing in one day. The alarm clock for tomorrow is set to 4am. But we are already in our sleepingbags and it is 9pm so 7 hours of sleep… ?

The hike up the valley was nice because it was so different to the TA trail so far. For every small creek there was a small bridge over it. Bigger river crossings were unnecessary due to swinging bridges.

In bigger mud wholes there were lots of branches and sawed stems inside. Every obstacle was made as harmless as possible.

All in all it was nice walk up to the campsite.