Te Araroa

22.3. Day off at Methven

Sleeping in, enjoying not to be walking for a change and being happy about Kiwi hospitality ?

I slept like a baby this night, I probably didn’t even wake up once. Thanks a lot to Kevin who invited us to stay at his house!

We got up quite late and had breakfast. Afterwards, we started to repack all the groceries that we bought. It was nice that we could do it at Kevin’s place and didn’t have to do it on the parking lot at the local 4-square.

Preparing breakfast for the trail, each of us gets a snap-lock bag with a variety of oats, raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, milk powder and brown sugar

We went to town after lunch. We explored some stores and Timo bought a water repellent spray for his rain jacket. Back at Kevin’s home, I sprayed it on Timo’s jacket while he was wearing it. Then we left it hanging outside to dry and to get rid of the smell. Hopefully, the spray did it’s job and Timo’s rain jacket will repel at least some water in the future…

When Kevin came back from work, he cooked us a delicious dinner again! We would have liked to cook something for him but he said we are his guests and the cooking is on him. He was such a great cook. He made some pork chops with a very interesting and great tasting gravy with peaches. He also prepared some veggies and mashed potatoes for us. It was really a lot of good food! We really appreciated Kevin’s hospitality and enjoyed to chat with him. It was a fun night and we went to bed with very full stomachs and cool stories to dream about.