Te Araroa

22.2. Blue sky and snowy mountain tops

Blue sky and still snow on the top of the mountains. A perfect hiking day!

We had a great oat meal on the porch of Taipos Hut while enjoying the sunshine.

Then, take a guess what we did next: We continued hiking on the TA ?. The trail was quite muddy and mossy, so Timo started to walk barefoot and I put my sandals on. We also needed some sunscreen today!

The trail followed a river valley, so the walking was quite straight forward. However, at some point the TA markers seemed to disappear and we followed another path just on the other side of the river.

The last part of today’s section went through a quite light forest. Arriving at Greenstone Hut, we decided that this is definitely the nicest hut we have seen so far! It even had running water and flushing toilet, very luxurious!