Te Araroa

21.4 The last day in the Richmond Ranges

Today was a very and sunny day. From the Starveal Hut it was mostly just downhill.

The hunters that arrived yesterday really late left the hut at around 5am. We had the whole hut for us during our breakfast. The hut is at 1200m and we started with our down jackets on. During the descent it was getting warmer. We ended up with just having T-shirts on.

Starveall Hut – The last hut on the TA, where we slept in

At sections the trail was quite steep. We reached a river, from here the trail wasn’t steep anymore, therefore we had to cross it several times. Sometimes the river itself was the trail.

One of the last river crossings

We had lunch at the Hacket Hut. From here it was only 1,5 hours to the carpark. The original TA goes further, but we didn’t plan to do this section. We thought that it just couldn’t get better after these great days. And somehow we looked forward to the end.

After the hut, the trail was so easy peasy to walk.

River crossings for lazy people

After one and a half hour we were at the carpark. People were swimming here and took some jumps from the footbridge. Martin picked us up from here. Martin is the farther of Sam. We’ve met Sam in the Aparima Huts, and his parents invited us for a night. So kind!
We enjoyed to do nothing in the afternoon. Though we didn’t do nothing, we planed what we could do after the trail. We booked a flight from Nelson to Auckland for 19$ per person. It was so cheap, we couldn’t resist.
Martin made homemade pizza. That was a great dinner. Really yummy!