Te Araroa

21.3 Staying at Kevin’s house

Luckily it didn’t rain the night so our tent was dry. We had some oats at the carpark but there was no car arriving or leaving at all…

So we decided to walk to the next bigger road. On the way to the intersection we saw one car going to the carpark and it returned not even 15 minutes later. It definitely wanted to see the Sharplin Falls but it didn’t wanted to take us. We believed some more cars might come but nearly no car passed us.

After an hour we got to an intersection where a bigger road leads directly to Methven.

Not far to Methven at least not with a car

We stood there for about 40 minutes until some Czechs stopped, they wanted to see the Sharplin Falls too and we told them that the track is closed. They changed their plans and gave us a ride to Methven. They seemed quite happy about being able to take hitchhikers. They do some wwoofing at a farm around here and got a day off and with the day off they also got the car from the farmer.

They dropped us next to the four square. So we bought some fresh fruits and chocolate. We topped up our phone and tried to call Kevin (the hunter we met 3 days ago). He picked us up and brought us to his house.

He needed to go back to work, but he had big faith in us! He showed us around, got us some new fresh towels and left again to his work. We were so happy that we could relax at his house and do nothing. And of course a hot shower felt just perfect!

We checked the next resupply point. This should be Arthur’s pass but there is only an expensive general store. Sending a package seems to be to complicated so we planned to skip this resupply point and just bought food from here to Hanmer Springs. We counted the walking hours and ended up with food for ten to eleven days. When went back from the supermarket Kevin was home and prepared everything for Tacos. He invited Scott for tea. (I learned a new word tea=dinner, this was quite confusing for me in the beginning) We’ve met Scott with Kevin 3 days ago. We had some beers and enjoyed the delicious food! The meat was from wild deer but it wasn’t shot on the last hunting trip. We had a fun night. Because the forecast for tomorrow wasn’t good at all Kevin invited us to stay another night at his house.

It was a good feeling to be in a proper bed. It is over a month ago since we last slept in a bed.