Te Araroa

21.2 A rainy night in (S)Careys Hut

It rained nearly the whole night. Because of that we were on the one hand really lucky to spend a dry night in the hut. On the other hand there were a few mice gathering for food. We hanged up nearly everything, but I forgot the the cereal bars. Actually I haven’t forgotten I just couldn’t imagine that mice smell the bars through the industrial packaging. I realized that a mouse was in my bag in the middle of the night a turned on my headlamp and I still saw how the mouse escaped. Luckily it went through the normal opening. No additional opening for the pack. ?

It was a cold night. We could see the result in the next morning. All the mountain tops above approximately 1.300m had snow on it! ?️❄️ The hut is about 620m high.

We hadn’t had so much sleep so the morning was a lazy one. We started at around 10am. The whole day the clouds stayed. Luckily the rain turned more into a drizzle but it was there for the complete day.

At around 3pm we took a break. I tried to dry my feet and shoes even though it was drizzling. They were just so wet that this worked quite well. At the same time Lisa took a nap. She was a afraid that a mouse might come in her sleepingbag. This thought was keeping her awake part of the night.

The sky is covered with clouds but we already can hear from time to time and airplane departing or arriving from Queenstown airport.

At around 6.30pm we arrived at Taipo Hut. It is a nice 4 bunks standard hut.

Compared to the Careys Hut it is really new and cosy. But even here the word mouse is mentioned from time to time in the hutbook. The sky clears, at some points it seems that it is not getting darker at all. Every peak around us has snow on it. The snow didn’t melt over the day. With the clear sky at nighttime it’ll get a very cold night out there and even here in the hut. We enjoy it to have much more food with us. We had a soup and a hot chocolate for the so called “pre dinner”. Later on we enjoyed some spaghettis with cheese sauce.

The rest of our food is hanging perfectly mice safe under the roof.