Te Araroa

20.2. Getting to Careys Hut

We continued hiking along the TA in the morning. As the trail got really muddy and bushy, we decided to switch back to the road we walked on before. The road walking was quite easy but boring. After a few kilometres we took a break. When we saw a camper van coming closer, we decided to put our thumb up although we didn’t think the camper would stop. But surprisingly it did! A Swiss family gave us a ride all the way to the Mavora Lakes Campsite ?. This saves us about 3-4 hours of walking, yay!

Going from there, we continued hiking on the TA. The trail sticked closely to the lake, so it was easy hiking. The trail was actually a 4×4 track and we saw one truck passing by. Looked like a lot of fun!

We we got to Careys Hut we met 2 Americans and 1 Norwegian guy. The Norwegian taught us how to play hearts, so we had a fun night playing cards ?.