Te Araroa

2.4. Day off in Hanmer Springs

Sleeping in, resupplying and relaxing – the same procedure all over again ?. The best and special part about this day was moving in a cabin for a change!

After a good breakfast at the campground, we walked into town. Hamner Springs is a cute little town and is famous for its hot springs ♨. We passed on the hot springs though as it was Eastern and way too busy. When were in town, we realized that we got up too early… All shops were only opening at 9.30am and it was just 8.30am. So we wandered around a little bit and went in the four square for buying food for the trail. The most exciting part about this resupply were the really yummy and highly recommendable dried mango and apple slices that we discovered there. Perfect for snacking and to mix them with oats ?

Back at the campground, we booked a cabin for the upcoming night. We were both happy to sleep in a real bed for a change and to have a room to relax in.

Cabin 🙂

We cooked a nice dinner at the campground with a lot of fresh veggies. We mixed pasta with the fresh veggies, poured sour cream over it and put a lot of cheese on top. The oven at the campground turned this into a perfect dish ?

Yummy dinner, fresh out of the oven ?