Te Araroa

19.3 Off the trail

We started to walk to the Manuka Hut. We arrived there after two hours of hiking. We had a longer break there and decided than to go off trail.

In the hut was a Wilderness magazine which had a map of the Mt. Taylor region. The trail description of the Mt. Somers track sounded much more attractive to us.

A new trip intention

We went back on the TA for about 15 minutes. We weren’t sure if we are doing the right thing. The TA might be much beautifulier over there but we have read the term ‘rockclimbing’ in the magazine. So there has to be some nice rocks. And there are two serviced huts on the track, mostly they are located where the DOC expects more tourists.

It took us less than four hours to get from the Manuka Hut to the Woolshed Creek Hut. We tried to keep our shoes dry. So we needed to jump over some small creeks.

Lisa jumping over one creek after throwing her backpack over

The last hour we walked through the backcountry without any track but we chose a good route to the hut over a ridge. That was straight forward.

View back upon the ridge
The Woolshed Creek Hut on the next morning

We entered the hut and there was only another couple for a two day trip. There are two rooms with bunks inside and each of the room was full of stuff. It turned out that there is an outdoor education class doing rock climbing for several days. It was a group of ten people.

It turned out to be a sunny afternoon so we went for swim in a river nearby. It was bloody cold (as always) but refreshing as never before.

Swimming in a nearby creek. Refreshing but cold ❄

We headed back to the hut and the group was still gone. So we enjoyed the silence talking to the couple and having dinner. Later on we ate our last pieces of chocolate? The trip now must come to an end!