Te Araroa

19.2 Back to the trail

It was nice to have a break but we looked forward to be back on trail. After having our muesli in the morning with real milk we both enjoyed the last shower until Queenstown. It took quite a long time to pack everything. Unfortunately I had to leave two bottles of beer but I’m sure someone in the hostel enjoys them. We left around 11am and nearly forgot to refill our water bottles. When we arrived 2 days ago we saw hitchhikers standing in lines to get out of the city. We were prepared for the worst but when we got to the end of Te Anau there was nobody else than us for hitchhiking. Nevertheless it took nearly one hour to get a ride back to the trail.

When we got off at the desired intersection a big sign welcomed us

Mavora lakes 37km

(Gravel road 37km)

We walked on the road but there was not much traffic at all. After 10km the trail left the road. We have met Mike and Sue the English couple that stayed with Selma at Bald Hill.

We walked on the trail nearly as fast as on the road for another 10km. At one point the markers lead us outside of a pasture but due to the river the whole trail was eroded.

We found a great spot for pitching the tent.

Today we hadn’t had any altitude climbing at all. We walked in a wide valley in which we are going to stay for the next days.

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Happy birthday Lisa,
we wish you a wonderful birthday in beautiful surroundings and a amazing year in N.Z. We hope you have a lot of great experiences and – stay healthy !
Best wishes from cold Germany
Bettina + ojaH

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