Te Araroa

18.2. Day off in Te Anau

We took a zero today! Our first whole day off the trail ?

We slept in, had a good breakfast and rented some bikes to go on a ride. We thought exploring the surroundings of Te Anau by bike is a good alternative to hiking ? ?

Afterwards, we went shopping for the next section of the TA trail which should be about 4-5 days long depending of our hiking speed. Packing everything was really fun!

Later on, we went to the local cinema and watched a movie about New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park. It was a great movie with stunning landscape and wildlife. And at the end of the day we enjoyed an awesome dinner – the Sunday roast special by a local restaurant that was recommended to us by the 2 Australians we met in the Lower Princestor Hut ??