New Zealand Te Araroa

17.4 Mt Ellis

Today, a summit was on the list. However, the weather was already beating us again.

After a rest day at the hut, we were looking forward to moving on. From the hut we descended a few meters and then went up 800m. At the end we almost stand on the summit of Mt. Ellis. The path bypassed the summit by a few meters.  Our plan was to go without the backpacks to the top. However, the weather did not play along: shortly after we left the hut it started to rain. After a drizzle, it became more and it didn’t stop. When we were almost at the summit, we looked forward to the next hut rather than the summit.

There are days when the summit is not worthwhile.

It finally cleared up and we got some views on the way to the next hut. It was incredible to see were we were actually walking around  – the views were amazing.

The view from the ridge

We arrived at the Top Wairoa Hut around 2pm. As soon as we arrived at the hut, it stopped raining and the sun came out. The worst timing ever! We wanted to warm ourselfs in the hut, so we decided to turn on the fire. However, we were smoked by the fire rather than warmed! All the smoke moved into the hut and we had problems getting rid of the smoke.

The Top Wairoa hut
In the hut book others had already reported from the smoldering fire place

Going further wasn’t a matter of discussion, as the next section shouldn’t be easy at all.  We didn’t want to do the section under time pressure at the end of the day, so we decided to stay here for the night.