Te Araroa

17.3 The Rangitata No. 2

There was not much to do today. We believed that the river is still too flooded to cross it. We spent the day reading some books and eating even more than normal.

We washed our socks at some point because they started to smell really bad.

We noticed no change in the height of the river since the morning. So we decided to leave the tent and see how well we can cross it without backpacks on. It was easy going. So we decided to return and cross the river with the packed bag packs.

Yesterday this was all underwater

Even with the backpacks on it was easy to cross.

Lisa nearly at the other side. One big one to go

In all the streams the water never got higher than over the knee. The last part was definitely the last one:

Difficult fence crossing!

In the end it was easy to get to the other side of the valley. You can get an idea of where we crossed it. On each bigger stream we crossed I set a marker on the map. The tent is obviously the spot where we slept. The red and blue points are the trail heads.

CC BY 4.0, from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)