Te Araroa

17.2 Back to civilization

The rain was getting heavier over night. I was awake for several times in the night and every time I thought that it sounded like the rain was not only outside. At about 2am two absolutely drunken guys came in and wanted to see what’s up in the hut. They smoked and drank in the hut and of course disturbed us. Not only the nice people can drive to the hut…

In the next morning the two Australians said that they heart a thunder in the night. Luckily the worst rain should have been in the night and the forecast was right when we had our porridge the rain was gone.

When Lisa picked up her bowl with the porridge there was a huge mess under the bowl. A mouse has bitten a whole at the very bottom. Even though the hut looked really clean it seems really important to secure everything against mice.

We started walking to the highway to get a hitch there. There were plenty of cars but still it took us 45 minutes to get a ride to The Anau.

Because of the Chinese New year everything was completely booked, but we still found a good spot to camp. In the backyard of the Backpackers Lakefront hostel it is able to camp for 20$ each.

The town is absolutely touristic. They offer helicopter flights, jet boat trips and everything else you can’t imagine. Even though we like to be here because it is so different from life on the trail.