New Zealand Te Araroa

16.4. Day off at Hunters Hut

Relaxing and chilling out at Hunters Hut! Nice day off 😊

According to the forecast there were supposed to be a lot of rain falls for today, so we decided to just take a rest day and stay for two nights at Hunters Hut.

I cut Timo’s hair, much to the amusement of Eiji who also stayed the morning at the hut to sit out the bad weather and made a video of it. He said that this would probably be the barber shop with the best view in the world 😊

Hair cut with spectacular views

Timo has diligently cleaned windows. They really needed it badly, after that the view was even better!

Window cleaning
Now the sun can shine through the windows again! Timo is proud of his work 🙂

Eiji carried on towards Porters Creek Hut after lunch. After a few hours alone at the hut, Elena arrived pretty late. She hikes the TA southbound as Eji.