Te Araroa

15.2 First night in a hut

In the morning when we woke up the wind blew heavily. Even bigger branches fall of the trees. We thought it is best to move the breakfast into hut. The other two beside Selma already left early in the morning so there was plenty of space to have breakfast. Sadly it started to rain outside. It had been great three days without rain and also with deep mud. We waited some time and after a short while we weren’t sure if the sun or the rain would be stronger.

It was a nice and quite easy walk to the Aparima Huts so we enjoyed the walk and had a lots of breaks.

On this days as on the days before we noticed that we portioned our food to small. For lunch we planned 6 cereal bars and a package of nuts for both. And also dinner and breakfast wasn’t that plenty. We have reasons to look forward to the next planned day off at Te Anau.

While thinking of food we came across of a really great swing out of two vines. We enjoyed several swings and had a longer break.

When we arrived at the hut it seemed quite busy because 5 people were cooking dinner. We had a nice and very long chat with Sam who was organising a weekend trip from the Dunedin Student Tramping Club. It seemed we were more interesting then his company. He told us that the huts are obviously not made for the amount of TA Hikers going there. That the Backcountry hutpass isn’t designed for the continuous use and that it is ridiculous cheap.

He was making fun of all the Thru Hikers. That their only topic is food. And yeah actually it was like this. Since the night in Outautau we hadn’t had the feeling of being absolutely full. But he wasn’t the only one making fun of others: When we saw his full packed bag the next morning Lisa was asking whether he is carrying a tent with him. His backpack was even bigger than ours. And no they had no tent with them. It seemed like they had more shirts with them then days hiking.

We talked quite a while to Sam in the evening. In the end no one of us wanted to pitch up the tent in the dark so we stayed in the hut.