Te Araroa

14.3. Ridge Walk – Spotting Mt. Cook

Taking a small detour of the TA along a ridge led us to to stunning views of Mt. Cook and its surrounding glacier topped mountains! 

Packing our tent and everything else, we started walking towards Camp Stream Hut. A little creek crossing, Timo tried to jump over it and fell in… He lost one of his trekking poles and had to run after it when it was flowing down the stream. He luckily got it back!

We had our second breakfast at the Camp Stream Hut after about 2 hours of hiking.

Going from there we followed a 4×4 track up to a little saddle. We had perfect views of Mt. Cook and a lot of other high mountains!

Then we reached the Stag Saddle, the highest point on the Te Araora trail with 1925m.

After taking some pictures we were going downhill in a pretty valley. Unfortunately, we took too much time for all the great views on this day, so we ended up walking in the dark but oh well we made it to Royal Hut anyways ?