New Zealand Te Araroa

13.4 Into the Richmond Range

It was good to stay in Blenheim for three nights. Since our journey started we never stayed 3 nights in a row at the same place. We stayed there so long because we weren’t sure what to do next: Leave the next section out? Or just continue?

The trail in the Richmond Ranges (the next section) is always quite high, often over 1000m. The highest point is Mt. Rintoul with 1731m. When we’ve been in St. Arnaud the snow was down to 800m.

We constantly checked the weather forecast. It was supposed to rain a lot in three days. YR App said about 30mm during the day. We were afraid that we had to interupt this section.  Althrough the trail stays in the high backcountry for a week, there are always side trails to get faster back to civilization.

We decided to try it. Today we hitchhiked to the trailhead. Since it was already quite late, we decided just to walk a little bit up the trail until we find a good camp spot.

On the way up, we could see some snowy mountain tops towards Rainbow skifield.

The snowy mountain tops from the Rainbow skifield

We pitched up our tent and stayed the rest of the evening in the tent.

Best weather to just stay in the tent

We hope the weather brightens tomorrow!