Te Araroa

13.3 We’re back on the trail

As always we tried to be as long as possible on the holiday park. Having a last hot shower. Using the WiFi and charge all the electronic stuff we are carrying around. Around midday we started to head to ‘city’. I guess the term city is not quite correct because there is just the four square and some souvenirs shops.

We bought some toilet paper and a fresh lasagna from the four square. The market in Tekapo is quite nice because they have some benches and tables in front of the entrance. So hikers don’t look so homeless if they are eating the things you’ve just bought.

We continued the TA just along the Lakeshore, after a few minutes of walking all the tourists were gone.

Instead of walking along the roadside for aprox 12km we decided to hitchhike an even longer part to the round hill ski field where we easily catch up with the TA. We believe we haven’t missed out too much on that stretch. A couple of Tahiti brought us to the carpark. Big thanks to them!

We hiked for about 2 hours and than pitched up our tent with a beautiful view to the high mountains around Mt. Cook.

Because it wasn’t that late, we decided to play some Yahtzee in the tent.