Te Araroa

10.3. Valley walk

Lazy sunny morning! ☀

We had a late start as we enjoyed the sun this morning and somehow it was difficult to leave our pretty camping spot.

The trail followed a wide valley, with green hills and a little river. The trail turned out to be quite muddy at some places. I took one false step and one shoe was completely wet and muddy. Luckily, the river was always close to stick your feet in – for cleaning but also for cooling ?

We found a nice spot at the river to eat our lunch. We finally finished our 1kg pack of cheese! Then we took a swim in the river and both washed our hair, we felt sooo clean afterwards!

The TA gained some in altitude later on and we hiked over one sattle. Going down, we could already see Lake Tekapo. We pitched our tent just above the tree line with a great view of Lake Tekapo.

The tent at night with red light!