Te Araroa

1.4 Happy Easter ?

We met some messy Kiwis in the hut and had a sunny day while hiking to civilization.

It wasn’t a good night at all. The tramping party, that shared the food with everybody else in the hut, stayed in our room. And guess what! One of them snored. And it wasn’t only the snoring: She burped and farted while she was awake or snored while sleeping.

Lisa couldn’t stand it anymore. She decided to pitch up the tent and slept outside. I joined early in the morning. It was below 0°C. The gras wasn’t wet, it was frozen!

Later when we got back to the hut the party was about to leave. But they still had three empty wine bottles on the table. They did not take the rubbish home, instead they throw it in the fireplace.

Trash all over the fireplace

I asked them if they always leave their rubbish at the huts. They just answered that one can burn everything and bottles are nice with candles on. They do this in every hut and told us that this is a New Zealand tradition. It was not worth to discuss with them about their country.

We took the trash and the bottles.

It was a nice walk down to the carpark.

It was surprisingly easy to get a hitch to the turnoff to Hanmer. An Indian couple on Easter holidays took us there. They had some cold pizza, which they gave to us.

Cold pizza just as good as hot pizza after tramping

When they dropped us off, he gave us some fresh picked apples and pears from Nelson. What a nice ride!

We weren’t prepared for the next ride. We only had a few bites of the apple and the next car stopped. A nice lady from Christchurch took us directly to the Holiday Park. She gave us her number, and told us that we can stay at her house if we’ll get to Christchurch.

Because of the Easter the Holiday Park was quite full but we got a spot for our tent and for tomorrow they have a cabin free!

We went out to have dinner and bought some stuff in the supermarket.

Just before we went to sleep something tried to eat our food. For a change it wasn’t a mouse.

A hedgehog trying to eat some of our oats