Te Araroa

1.3 Some metres to climb

It rained the whole night and the next morning so we slept in (again) and had our oats in the empty hut.

Packing things on the porch to escape the rain

We counted the people that stayed the night there and we came to 18 including us. We started the hiking at around 11am. We climbed up a hill on a nice ridge from where you’d normally have a great view. Instead we saw the clouds from the inside. In fact this may sound special but believe me it’s not. Just rainy and white.

Instead of following the ridge to the Knuckle Peak we descended again nearly to the valley we started in. It seemed really unnecessary! After the descent we ascent another ridge which would lead to the Knuckle Peak but after reaching a saddle we got down again to the Highland Creek Hut. In the end we climbed a lot of metres for nothing, we could have easily stayed in the valley and saved the first ascent or we could have followed the first ridge to the peak but because of the weather we decided not to do it.

On the second ascent Lisa didn’t feel so well so we took it quite slowly. We arrived at the Highland Creek Hut 8.30 pm. We were cooking in the dark with some candles we bought in Queenstown. And we enjoyed the night in the hut with just one other french girl. The hut is about the same size than the Roses Hut. So there was plenty of space!

The hut the next morning