Mt Ruapehu – Tahurangi Peak 2797m

Today we climbed the highest peak in the North Island: Mount Ruapehu. It is an active volcano, because of its volcanic activities over the last thousands of years, it has many peaks. Of course we climbed the highest one: Turangi Peak with 2797m. We have tried to ascend the peak already 3 weeks ago, but we had to turned around about a hundred metres before reaching the summit. The weather turned and we had no views at all. read more

Auckland: Buying the perfect van and escaping the city

We returned our rental car 2 hours before we departed from the airport. The rental company provided a shuttle, that was pretty cool. When we arrived at the airport, we wanted to get to our gate. We couldn’t find it. Such a small airport! They just controlled our tickets, and then we were on the runway. No security check! Though it was forbidden to take pictures. read more

Nelson: Workaway Apple Picker’s Cottages

When we finished the TA, we thought it would be great to have a small hiking break. Therefore, we welcomed the opportunity to help out in the garden of a kiwi couple in exchange for food and accomodation. Staying with them close to Nelson, we did something useful and at the same time we could relax from the trail and explore the area around Nelson. read more

20.4. Windy day!

Today we started hiking from the Old Man Hut with the intention to reach the Starveall Hut. For his tramp we needed to cross a few peaks: Old Man, Slaty Peak and Mt. Starveall. It was a beautiful hike and we had good views at all times. Unfortunately, it was just quite windy and at one time, the wind even blew me over and I fell on the ground. read more